Nepal Art Tour (3N/4D)

Duration 4 Days
Age Requirement 18 - 65 yrs
Group Size 2 - 30 people
Best Season All year
Recommended For Family/Kids Senior Solo Youth Couple


Kathmandu valley in Nepal as described in dictum “Every other building in the valley is temple and every other day is festival”. The valley is rich is historical and religious sites where the various ethnic communities keep celebrating different festivals and occasions which appeared Nepal to them as such. Been through different stages of history, Nepal has seen a lot of changes in the arts and the ways of lives influenced by it. Our art tour will focus on all those arts, artifacts and architectures that has remained in the valley for ages, how it evolved and how it is still evolving until the modern time.

Art tour in Nepal is for every students, professors, historians and other interested people. Besides being the country of tallest mountains, Nepal is also the home of innumerable Gods and Goddesses which can be seen in various arts. Kathmandu is Nepal’s artistic, historic and cultural center. Throughout its 2000 yrs. history, Kathmandu has seen many kingdoms rise and fall while also many temples and palaces built, destroyed and rebuilt. The varieties in arts and architectures depicting Hinduism and Buddhism, you won’t see this kind of beauty anywhere in the world but in Nepal. With the special art tour created by Nature Lovers, discover and explore the various hidden and unhidden arts of historic and modern Nepal.

Tour Length 4 Days
Age Requirement 18 - 65 yrs
Group Size 2 - 30 people
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