With great food, a tropical climate, fascinating culture, and superb beaches, Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia. It is called the "Land of Smiles". Thailand is the heart of the Southeast Asian mainland. As it has comparably good infrastructure with Bangkok being an intercontinental flight hub, the country is the gateway to the region for most foreign visitors.

Main Destinations

Wat Pho, Pai, Chiang Mai, Koh Phi Phi, Khao San Road, Khao Sok National Park.
The Location
Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand, the Indian Ocean, Andaman Sea and borders Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. From Melbourne, a non-stop flight is 9h 10m to Bangkok, and from Dubai, it is roughly 6 h 30m.

Capital City
Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Main Airport
Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the main hub for domestic and international travelers. It is located in Bangkok, 30km from the city center.

Language Spoken
The official language of Thailand is Thai; however, English is widely spoken.

Thailand uses the Thai baht. The currency code is THB. It is safe to withdraw money from banks or ATMs while you’re there.

Thailand uses 220V AC electricity. Power outlets most commonly feature two-prong round or flat sockets. If you are bringing appliances from the United States or anywhere else with a 110-volt current, you will need a voltage converter to avoid burning out whatever you plug in.

The only vaccine required by international regulations is yellow fever. Proof of vaccination will only be required if you have visited a country in the yellow-fever zone within six days prior to entering Thailand. Consult a travel doctor 6 to 8 weeks before you depart.

Emergency Calls
The phone numbers to call in case of emergency are 1155 for the tourist police, 191 for the general police, 1554 for an ambulance, and 199 for the fire brigade.

Peak Season
Most of the country enjoys a dry season from December through March, making it an ideal time to travel. Due to the timing of Western Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Thailand will be incredibly busy over this period, meaning accommodation will be more expensive and likely to be booked out in advance. Temperatures will reach an average high of 35°C in Bangkok and surrounding areas. Notable festivals include the Chiang Mai Flower Festival in February along with monthly Full Moon parties.

Low Season
While Thailand boasts consistently warm temperatures year-round, it does suffer from monsoons that occur, in short, intense bursts and may cause some islands to shut down. Visitors traveling to Thailand during this time will enjoy fewer crowds and might benefit from lower flight or hotel prices. During the low season, you can enjoy the Ubon Ratchathani Khao Phanse celebrations in addition to smaller festivals across the country.  


Mean annual rainfall is 1,200-4,500 mm, with lower totals on the leeward side and higher totals on the windward side. The mean temperature is 26.3°C in the north and 27.5°C in the southern and coastal areas.


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