The city of Volgograd is located on the Volga in the south of European Russia. Previously the city was known as Stalingrad and during the Second World War it saw one of the bloodiest battles of all human history. For its heroism the city was awarded the title of Hero City. It is due to this connection that most tourists are drawn to the city, including many tourists from Germany whose fathers or grandfathers fought in the battle. Many sights in the city are connected with the battle including the Ruined Mill which was never restored so as to serve as an example of the destruction the city suffered. However the main sight is the Mumaev Kurgan Memorial Complex with is dominated by the gigantic Mother Russia Calls Monument - a breathtakingly striking statue of a furious Mother Russia wielding a sword. It is just slightly shorter than the Statue of Liberty, although that is when including the Statue of Liberty's pedestal. The fact that the city was practically destroyed in the Second World War means that most of the city's main buildings were rebuilt in the grand Stalinist architectural style. The start of the Volga-Don Canal in the south of the city features the world's largest statue of Vladimir Lenin. It is possible to get to Volgograd by plane or train from several Russian cities, however a train from Moscow takes around a day to get there.

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