New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the major Southern Cities with many attractions to off. The city showcases an amalgamation of diverse cultures that have taken a unique shape with strong Spanish and French influences, clearly visible in its art, architecture, history, and culture. Visitors coming here can enjoy distinctive Cajun and Caribbean cuisines while listening to soul-soothing jazz music. When visiting this part of the country, do not miss checking out the French Quarter and the unique architectural style of the buildings and monuments. It seems as if you are in France instead of the USA. This area looks distinctly apart from the rest of the city. You can plan a long weekend trip to this city and check out some amazingly beautiful and picturesque sights and architectural splendours.

You can visit this city during Mardi Gras when it is beautifully decked up for outrageous floats that are very attractive and fun-watching. People wear colourful costumes and have fun walking down the lighted up streets, enjoying delectable treats, and make the most of never-ending celebrations. Plan your visit from December to May to one of the best places to visit in America as at this time of the year, the weather is pleasant, and exploring the city becomes easier.

Places to Visit. French Quarter, Bourbon Street, Moonwalk Riverside Promenade, Swamps, Museums, Audubon Park, Preservation Hall, Museum of Art, Voodoo Museum, St. Louis Cathedral.

Nearest Airport. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Best Time To Visit. February to May

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