The Swiss Museum of Transportation
The Swiss Museum of Transportation is the most visited museum in Switzerland. Spread across 20,000 square metres with over 3,000 displays, its interactive exhibits take you through the history of transport on land, sea, air and space.
There is a very rich section with gothic art, chivalry and a comprehensive collection of liturgical wooden sculptures, panel paintings and carved altars. Zunfthaus zur Meisen near Fraumünster church houses the porcelain and faience collection of the Swiss National Museum.Switzerland is the country with the highest density of museums in the world, with over a thousand museums devoted to a wide range of topics.

Kunstmuseum- Basel

The Kunstmuseum, also known, as the Fine Art Museum is considered as a heritage of national significance with the largest and oldest public art collection in all of Switzerland.

With a rich and diverse history, Switzerland’s museums have an exciting story to tell. However, these museum exhibitions don’t stop at the border, there are many collections that include must-see pieces from around the world. Make sure to add some of these museums on to your must-see list.

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