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The area of Interlaken, Switzerland, proves itself as a place filled with scenery and adventure. With numerous mountains and lakes, you’ll find stunning panoramic views everywhere you look, making it one of the premier holiday destinations in the country. 

The Jet Boat Experience On Lake Brienz
Your Lake Brienz jet boat experience begins at the Jet Port on the jetty in Bonigen. You can quickly arrive there by local bus, car, or shuttle bus from nearby accommodations.

Once you arrive at the Jet Port, your adventure begins! The jet boat team will introduce you to themselves and the area and brief you on what to expect. After the briefing, they’ll provide everything you need to keep you safe, dry, and comfortable during the adventure, including high-quality waterproof gear and life vests.

Next, your experienced captain will bring you onto the boat, where the adventure truly begins. After getting properly acquainted with the boat and the area you will explore, you’ll set off up and down the lake at speeds of 60 km per hour. However, the adventure doesn’t stop with speed. Be prepared for your captain to maneuver the boat into thrilling 360-degree spins, raising your adrenaline and creating an atmosphere of excitement.

You’ll also learn much about the area during your cruise. Your captain will explain the reason behind the beautiful blue color of the lake and give you other unique facts. Often the captain will pause the exciting speeds and turns to provide an in-depth history of the area and allow the chance for you to take in the serene and peaceful views of the magical surrounding landscapes.  

Some highlights of the excursion include seeing the Giessbach Falls above Lake Brienz and the historic Grandhotel Giessbach, which is over 100 years old. You’ll return from the trip exhilarated and satisfied, knowing that you got to experience this beautiful region in a truly unique way.

The Highlights
In addition to the high speeds, Giessbach Falls, and Grandhotel Giessbach, your adventure will also include the following highlights:

Stunning panoramic alpine views and up-close admiration for the incredible natural landscape. 
Thrilling speeds and action-packed turns on the beautiful turquoise waters of Lake Brienz. 
Unforgettable souvenir photos of your trip (so you can relax and enjoy the experience without taking photos). 
An informative historical overview of the region by a knowledgeable guide. 
A fun way to view this incredible area any time of the year. 

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