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Russia also has the world’s largest expanse of forest and forest reserves. It is home to some very rare and endemic animal and bird species. There are 1550 animals (266 mammals) and 780 bird species found in Russia. These include the rarest cat, the Amur leopard, the Amur tiger, the great Siberian Tiger, the snow leopard, Kamchatka Brown Bears, Arctic fox, Moose and Blakiston’s fish owl. The World Wildlife Safari in Russia is world famous. People come from all over the world to visit the safari in Russia as it is an excellent attraction of Russia. There are many species of animals that a person could get to see only in the Safari Park in Russia.
The Safari Park of Russia
When we talk about the safari parks, then the first destination which comes in a person’s mind is the Safari park in Russia. The park is divided into three different areas. These different areas are:-
The park offers shelter to the different species of animals and treatment is provided to these animals in case of injury or any accidental situations. After taking care of them, they will be left in the forests to live the rest of life. Living conditions are similar to the conditions in the forests. There are various animals which are visible on this safari like Siberian Tigers, Amur Tigers, wild boars and many species of deer like Sika deer, Roe deer, and Red deer. There are some rare existing animals also like Amur or Far-Eastern Leopard which are on the verge of extinction, and there are only 50 of these species alive on this planet.
Durminskoye Reserve of Siberia
The tiger tracking shore at the Durminskoye Reserve of Siberia occurs in the depths of winter close to Khabarovsk, a city in the southwest corner of Russia. Accompanying tracker Alexander Batalov, you’re going to be involved in conservation work leading to the Tigers’ breeding season. Employed at the snow and freezing temperatures – for maintaining the one's paw prints needed – that safari is for its intrepid adventurer. Researching the creatures’ sprawling habitat from the foot, ski-doo and 4×4, your odds of visiting the biggest of all big cats in the flesh could be lean, however by putting up remote camera cubes and assisting Alexander in tracking the spot, you’re going to be causing the security and continuing success of these creatures that are endangered creatures, that can number as much as 400 from the great outdoors.
Despite lying latitudes to the UK, the Kamchatka Peninsula occupies long winters on account of the effect of Arctic winds and also sea currents, leaving the property. The weeks between May and September offer the temperatures. However, the sheer size of Kamchatka means its climate is changeable based on the area of the visit. Generally, people can think about highs which range from 15 to 20 °C together with lows hitting below freezing, through the summertime.


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