Bungee jumping

It became so popular that it spread all over the world. Even developing but rich naturally beautiful and fertile countries like Nepal launched bungee jumping.
Kushma Bungee Jump is Nepal’s tallest and the world’s second-highest bungee jump scales a height of 228 Meters after The AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungee Jump which is 232 Meters of height. The spot is located on the border of the Baglung and Kushma districts of Nepal. These two districts are connected by the 520 Meter suspension bridge in the George of the Kaligandaki River. If anyone is visiting from Kathmandu, it takes 3 hours to reach the exact spot of Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping Nepal. The jump is operated only 4 days a week, that is, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday from December to January and from September to November.
There are other two bungee jump spots in Nepal besides this, The Last Resort and High-ground Bungee Jump respectively 160 Meters and 70 Meters.
The Last Resort Bungee Jump is suspended on a high cliff-top gorge above the wild Bhote Kosi River and surrounded by dense jungle and pristine forest, uniquely crafted in local stone, wood, and slate.
Nepal’s first and only tower Bungee, High Ground Bungee has something for everyone. It’s only 20 minutes away from Pokhara Lakeside; the jump site offers a spellbinding view of the Himalayas, the hills, and the rivers that will take anyone’s breath away. The tower is cantilevered over a river adjacent to a 70 m cliff in Hemja. Jumpers go to free fall for 5 seconds in a blitz of pure fear and adrenaline. 
Nepal is a land of hills, rivers, and temples. From the scenic views of the Himalayas and the melodious sound of the river water to the sanctity of the temples and abundance of wildlife, there is so much to experience in Nepal that a single visit will fall short to absorb it all. It has something for every kind of traveler, and no one will feel disappointed. Apart from that, it also offers delicious dishes and plenty of shopping sites. If anyone is looking for some thrill in the country, then they have to go Bungee Jumping in Nepal. Out of all the activities in Nepal, it has gained popularity in the last few years at a fast rate. Both locals as well as tourists indulge in the activity to get thrilled from head to toe. Nepal offers great views and hence, it is perfect for such activity.

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