Nepal has one of the distinguished mountainous features of the Himalayas. High mountains, challenging cliff, caves and falls are fertile for the purpose.
Abseiling is a daredevil activity even though it is possible by the beginners too in Raindi Khola canyon. Descending the waterfall with the help of the attached rope to hip allows an adrenaline rush as one abseils down the canyon rocks along with the flow of water. On the descent, one can see the scenic canyon vistas. Abseiler needs courage to do it. The organizers guide abseiler if he/she goes wrong. It gives great fun if abseilers do it as per the advice. After abseiling, abseiler lands in the waterfall cascade. Abseiler gets refreshed after this adrenaline action. At least 15-minutes of swimming can be done after completing the task.

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