Base jumping

Bungee jumping in Kenya is not only popular for adrenaline junkies but even families that are looking for extraordinary activities only available in Sagana, the leading adventure and bonding spot in Kenya.
Bungee Jumping Sagana, Kenya
The experience of bungee jumping at Sagana is quite thrilling. Here, you are made to jump from a 60 m tall structure with a flexible rope fastened at your back, so you appreciate the vibe of free falling yet you don’t tumble to the ground.
The excitement is as much the same as you attempt the free-falling as you get with the bounce back, giving you a thoroughly elating inclination.
Tana River
Another spot in Sagana that lets you enjoy bungee jumping is on the banks of the Tana River. The stage for bungee jumping is a 60-meter-high steel tower. You should climb the pinnacle to bounce off.
Diverse visit administrators appear to offer changed timings for hop-off. You just get 10-15 minutes to decide in the event if you will jump off or not and after that time is up, you won’t be permitted to hop.


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