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African Safari is one of Japan's biggest safari parks, home to about 70 species and 1,400 animals, including bison, deer, bears, lions, cheetahs, elephants, camels, rhinos, and giraffes.

 Fuji Safari Park
Fuji Safari Park in the city of Susono in Shizuoka prefecture is Japan’s largest safari park. Over 50 different species can be found at Fuji Safari Park including lions, cheetahs and zebras. You will be able to see these animals up close like never before. This article is a deep dive into Fuji Safari Park, an interactive animal experience like no other in Japan.
It's a unique zoo where you can do a bus ride in the jungle or even a walking stroll. While on the bus, you can feed animals like Lions, bears and camels. The entrance fee, it's 2700 yen; however, there is a combination ticket available from Gotemba JR station which includes a to and fro bus ride (35 min one way) to Fuji safari park and the total cost of a combi ticket is 3200 yen. For young children, it's super fun; even adults can enjoy it too. 

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