Message from Management

Message from General Manager

I would like to let you know that Able Nepal Travel & Tours ( was set up in 2006 and has provided service to more than a sixty thousand passengers from different countries and Kantipur Holidays ( was set up in 2015 as a sister concern of Able Nepal Travel & Tours and now it sears more than twenty thousand tourists to abroad destinations . In both ventures, we had a clear vision, “value for money & client satisfaction”. We established them on the foundations of trust, honesty, efficiency, professionalism, and integrity.

We all have desires to travel, to visit new places, meet new people, see things different from ours. We also want those wishes to be fulfilled in a way that gives us total satisfaction in terms of money spent and experiences gathered which remains for a lifetime. Taking this into account, Kantipur Holidays has developed complete tour packages for our customers; we believe in learning, serving, and hospitality; we have faith in our strength and professionalism. We value our customers' money and time. We sincerely want to make all these things- the best, the unforgettable.

We have human resources/ staffs available 24/7 to solve the difficulties of our customers. Mostly, Kantipur Holidays has been operating in international tours. Now we have the realization that we have to develop domestic and inbound tours. Therefore, we have intensified our resources, plans, and preparations in this direction also. We have plans to welcome more and more international tourists to Nepal through our agency from China, India and the UAE and other countries.

We believe in the power of creativity and imagination facilitated by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the travel business. We understand the path ahead is not smooth and clear. It is highly competitive and challenging. Our strength is our sincerity, our strong desire to serve, our openness and our ability to handle challenges and transform it into opportunities. We are determined to excel, to provide the best to all our customers.

Thank You
General Manager
Kantipur Holidays Pvt. Ltd.


Message From Managing Director

I am delighted to present a company to you that is built on honesty, flexibility, efficiency, and integrity and is proud to have continually delivered the right travel and tourism solutions through the online system to our public and private sector clients. The support from and the relation we have with our respective agents and members are immense and fantastic. We believe in excellence and I would like to assure you that Kantipur Holidays will deliver the best travel products to you on your desired budget.

There is a story in every product we have built, yet we are constantly adding up new products so that every travel needs of our clients are fulfilled through a single platform- ‘Kantipur Holidays.’ We acknowledge that we have challenges and the road ahead is not smooth. However, we are dedicated to offering the best of our services and committed to addressing your desires and demands. We are not confined to provide tourism products only, we offer a wide range of services. We are open and committed to understand our clients' needs and offer an end-to-end solution to their travel demands, big or small, no matter what it is or where it’s located.  We approach things with creativity and imagination. This is what makes us stand out from the crowd, and this is also the great reason behind our rise as a dashing and dominant travel agency. Despite the short period of time of its origin, We have succeeded to gain trust from all of you. We believe in learning and growing. Each day we are doing it better. It is because of the best and brightest talents we have working for us. It’s something we’re proud of; it is something that has established us as the leaders of the tourism industry.

I would like to request our clients' not to hesitate to e-mail us or just log in to ‘’ or get in touch with one of our customer relation officers or any of our support team. And I would like to promise you that we will never ever give you any chance to complain about our products and services. At last, I would like to request you to give us an opportunity to introduce our country, cultures, treasures, heritages, our hospitalities- the real pride of Nepal.


Thank You
Managing Director
Kantipur Holidays Pvt. Ltd.